Retail & Distribution

Tailored solutions for retail and distribution

From easier inventory management to improving manpower utilization, Servio provides integrated back-office solutions that can help retailers and distributors improve operational efficiencies.   

SERVIO Accounting for Retail and Distribution is a complete finance and inventory management solution that provides:

Real Time Inventory Update allows you to better manage your inventory, ensuring you never run out of stock of your fast-moving items.

​Improved cash flow management with an integrated billing, account receivable, accounts payable and inventory system, helping manage your cash flow and forecast liquidity more efficiently.

Always up-to-date financial reports that can generate quick snapshots of your company’s data and performance at any given time as well as comprehensive reports.

Ability to transact and report in foreign currencies.

Easier compliance to the latest tax regulations using built-in, up to date and CAS ready Bureau of Internal Revenue reports.


SmartHR for Retail and Distribution is a solution that can help you manage all your HR requirements from payroll to manpower forecasting to employee management.


It is specifically designed for retailers and distributors, with the ability to manage multiple locations and seasonal manpower demands. It includes:

Management of Employee 201 files, time and attendance and leave requests

Automated payroll processing with the ability to address complex payroll formulas, making it easier to give commissions or provide location-specific earnings.

Manpower planning capabilities facilitating rehires and employee movement

Easier scheduling facility, enabling store managers to quickly adjust staff schedule, even with last minute disruptions

Employee self-service portal which facilitates leave requests, expense reports, performance reviews and even pushes needed training to employees in multiple locations, speeding up HR processes

Our HR and Accounting Solutions can either be purchased separately or as one complete integrated solution.


Compliant with the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law and the Data Privacy Act, Servio solutions are flexible and future-proof, making it easy for you to adopt future policy changes and prepare for potential disruptions.

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