Restaurant Delivery System

Manage your business effectively with a complete restaurant system ready to run 24 hours 7 days a week.

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Meet your customers demands with Enterprise Delivery System

Meet Your Needs

Restaurant Delivery System Power up your entire business processes from order tracking successful delivery action, make it seamless. 

POS integration

Toss away manual processing and let an integrated POS systemize it for you

Tax Compliance

Track purchases and track all VAT payables to make sure your business in BIR-Compliant ready to for tax submissions

Inventory Management

Accounting Integration

Track your orders, sales, and deliveries with an integrated restaurant delivery system

Integrate your Accounting System so that all processes are smooth. Proper manage your finance easily. 

Home Delivery Management

Manage "take-out" orders and integrate your Fleet Management so that you can track orders and provide excellent service to your customers

Empower Customer Service with our Delivery System: 

  • Live Dashboard

  • Food costing

  • Integrated online ordering

  • Discount cards within the system

  • Tax Compliant

  • Telephony Integration

  • Fleet Management

  • Store and Agent Access

What's Your Business Model? 

  • Cafeterias

  • Casual Dining Restaurants

  • Delivery Restaurants

  • Multi-Branch Restaurants

  • Franchises

  • Table Service Restaurants

  • Quick Service Restaurants

  • Fast Dining Restaurants

  • Food Trucks

  • Central Kitchen 

  • Kiosks 

  • Drive-ins

Integrate Your Fleet Management

RDS enables Fleet Management integration so that you can provide ease of delivery to your customer 24/7.

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Restaurant Delivery System developed for comfort

  • Designed for You

RDS is designed on how your business works.  All the unique features you need are here. 

  • kitchen Display System

RDS has a kitchen interface that lets you map out features to help you get a full view of how your kitchen flow looks like

  • User-Friendly

RDS is designed and develop in a way your agents and you would be able to grasp processes better and faster. 

  • In-Built Loyalty Program

RDS integrates promotions and other events tagged and track by our system 

  • Franchise & Multi-Branch Friendly

You can integrate RDS to multi-branch system the easy and faster way

See how the business go, with Enterprise Delivery System for you:

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