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The Importance of SOFT SKILLS Training

Technical skills are relevant in assuring that an employee applying for a job are capable of doing their supposed to be responsibilities at work once they are hired. Usually when an HR personnel interviews an interviewee they will start by asking and evaluating about the technical and by-knowledge skills of an applicant, such of these includes – computer handling skills, how they can operate certain devices and etc. Right after evaluating those, an HR interviewer can/will go through the applicant’s soft skills areas. Do you know what soft skills are?

Soft skills are these skills that a person has which is more of an interpersonal characteristic and skill. These soft skills are usually referred to as skills in:

These soft skills used to be of secondary and least importance for an employer when they are hiring for they believe that it was the individual’s natural capability of doing so. However. As the generation evolves, it has been concluded that these soft skills can be trained and can help an individual/employee to be more efficient in a working place.

Soft Skills Training – Why is it important?

From the listed examples of soft skills, we can clearly see how each one of those skills can increase the confidence of an individual and also, his/her working experience in an organization, once those skills have been trained and enhanced.

Through Soft Skills Training, crucial skills for an individual can be developed, that helps them in dealing with different levels of pressure and activities. Aside from having been developed all of those in that access, when soft skills are being trained, there are more engagement for an employee in his/her working activities.

So, now, let’s talk about how soft skills training can benefit your organization.

When an employee have better soft skills, they tend to collaborate and interact more to their co-workers leading for better result in team effort activities and healthier organization.

From a blog written by Duval, he listed down the advantage of having soft skills training:

· Improves Productivity: As we keep on saying, an employee who feels more valued and confident about himself tends to engage more to his working efforts and to the company, resulting for him to be more productive in doing his job, faster yet still accurate and reliable – and of high-quality outcomes.

· Reduces Turnover. When an employee was given the chance to develop their soft skills they tend to have better performance reducing the rate of turnovers, which means they can able to present well their reports with high-quality standards and that they able to cooperate very well to the organization and they are less likely to leave their jobs too.

· Strengthens Employee Satisfaction. Having better communication, emotional and decision-making intelligence affects excellently to the business outcomes of the company – on the contrary it means that, when their is poor soft skills for an individual then he/she finds himself/herself unimportant to the business. Which is something you don’t want to let your employee feel because your employees’ are your greatest asset.

· Increases ROI. Having right soft skills, increases the productivity and return of investment in your business, you may incur costs for the training you will give to your employees in improving their sift skill but you are also giving your company the same improvement as well.

That is one good reason why you should consider soft skill training for your employees, because while they were absorbing all the enhancements they could get in the training your giving them, they are giving back to your business right off. Meaning, there is a time-intensive effort effect to your business already, which is something as a business owner, you surely want to happen.

It’s true that technical skills are important in assuring that the people you hire in company are of best fit for the activities and practices you have in your business. But soft skills are equally as important of those, because through this soft skills your employees’ learns how to work more efficient for your business. They learn how to make sound and best decisions and also they create a positive culture and environment in your business.

After all, it's not just about the technical skills. It's also about the personality and attitude and that includes those soft skills or the so-called, interpersonal skills.

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