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SERVIO Accounting Software: Gawa ng Pinoy, Para sa Pinoy!

Presyong Pinoy, abot-kaya ng business mo! Halika na! Para sa’yo ‘to.

Most accounting software that businesses know came from foreign brands — We're sure even you can name some of it. Normally, what we heard from clients is, it’s either expensive or not being customizable due to the business’s unique local features.

Furthermore, it even requires them to pay more for the features that they want to add in a ‘packaged system’—and that’s an additional cost. So, how can accounting software really help businesses stay productive while reducing costs?

With a decade of experience in this industry, SERVIO Enterprise developed a local accounting software made to fit Philippine Business Standards. 

With the help of IT professionals and our licensed CPAs, we integrate an accounting software suitable with the exact features from a foreign brand to meet your standards at the lowest possible cost. With that being said, we also conduct surveys from our clients and even perform a 1-on-1 interview with the decision-makers to understand what they really need in an accounting system that will suit up to their processes. And here is their response: 

BIR Compliant and CAS Accredited Software 

SERVIO Accounting Software is developed to be a BIR-Compliant and Computerized Accounting Software (CAS) accredited for local businesses in the Philippines.

We all want a software that not just meet your accounting demands but also compliant to government regulatory table. This is due to creating accurate reports for ‘year-end tax filing’ and make sure that accuracy is being generated.

Our accounting software automatically systemizes all your financial transactions with a few clicks and tricks and automates those into well-integrated reports to make sure that no error commission is omitted but also, all the finance is ready to be submitted during tax season and to avoid penalty. 

MURA! Abot-kayang halagang Accounting Software para sa Business Mo!

Aba eh, sino pa ba ang may ayaw na ito? 

Compared to foreign brands (extremely expensive and off-the-shelf), SERVIO Accounting Business Software has the lowest TCO – total cost of ownership and license with the lowest cost for add-ons to meet your business requirements.

Customized Accounting system Features 

This is one of the challenges foreign brands are having a hard time dealing with -most of the time requires extensive workdays for a unique local feature to be done and might as well expensive.  As a local IT Software provider, we understand that each business has a unique feature that most “off-the-shelf” accounting systems cannot offer. Most of the time, they are called “Add-ons” and will add extra expenses for the client. 

Based on our survey, 87% client’s requirements fall unto these types of needs. So, we created a customizable add-on feature that won’t require our clients to pay more but pay less.

✅ Fixed Assets 

✅ Landed Costs 

✅ Personalized dashboards

✅ BIR Books of Accounts, Tax filing 

Accounting Features na Hanap mo! 

SERVIO Accounting was created based on how foreign brands systemize the accounting process. With good teamwork from our licensed CPAs, we then integrate locality in it that better suits your business needs. Here is just one of the accounting software modules that your business might need: 

  • Financials

  • banking 

  • Production 

  • Sales 

  • Inventory 

  • Approvals 

  • Consignment 

  • Purchasing

Looking for accounting software that understands your business at the most cost-efficient is not easy. You might also receive other proposals from other vendors.

However, at SERVIO Enterprise, we understand those needs that need to be addressed. If you are not still quite with how this software works, you can request a meeting here