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Warnings about Workplace Stress & Burnout

Working in the corporate and business industry consists of having deadlines, reports and at times — pressure. As an employee, most of the time you feel like it is your responsibility to finish all the tasks and activities as soon as possible. But keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that you will work yourself too much.

​In recent studies, World Health Organization (WHO) recognized that workplace stress and burnout had been part of their ICD-10 handbook – which stands for International Classification of Diseases Tenth Revision. In here, it clearly shows that stress in the working environment is considered to be a disease.

Today, WHO warns that in year 2022 upgrade of work burnout from the state of exhaustion will turn into a full blown syndrome, where symptoms and repetition of its occurrence into an individual may happen.

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The Burnout Syndrome being discussed in here focuses on the occupational context only not as phenomena used to described one’s experience in other areas of life.

​In overcoming this syndrome, employers and employees should able to engage in the following:

- Joining groups and peers within the organization. Having a team in an organization can help you have healthy discussions with your co-workers. Also, they can push you to your limit (in a positive way) to a point where they could guide you to explore and enhance your knowledge and skills.

- Have a proper system and controls in your company. In an organization there should be proper processes to be followed by everyone. Having General Protocols and Standards can make your employees more efficient at work. This will allow them to focus on their work better and have additional time for other aspects in their personal life.

Now – as an employer, it is important that you consider the health of your employees. In assessing the performance of your employees you need to be able to track their activities and attendance. To help you in doing so, SERVIO Enterprise offers you different HR & Payroll Solutions.

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