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Why Improving Employee Experience is Key to Your Company’s Success

People, as they say, are your company’s greatest asset. No matter how much capital you invest, your business will never grow without the right people. Keeping your people means more than just giving them higher salaries. In the age of millennials, employees expect not just to be properly compensated but to have productive and enjoyable working environment with high morale and standards.

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Motivated employees are those who are more committed in their jobs, they tend to work smarter and better. They care about your company’s customers and the end results. In addition, these employees are the best brand ambassadors for your company, especially in this age of social media, it will be easier for you to recruit top-notch people if your employees are happily sharing their working experience with you.

But what does providing a good employee experience really entails? Deloitte Consulting, in their 2017 Global Human Capital Trends, cites six main factors that contribute to a positive employee experience:

1. Meaningful work – means employees enjoy a certain level of autonomy, teams are empowered and there is time for slack

2. Supportive management - this includes setting clear goals for the employees, providing opportunities for coaching, investing in talent development and agile performance management

3. Positive work environment – one that has a flexible, inclusive, diverse and humanistic work environment, with a culture of recognition

4. Growth opportunity – a learning culture that provides training and on the job support plus facilitated talent mobility

5. Trust in leadership – transparency and honesty are key here, with a solid mission and purpose and continuous investment in its people

6. With good cause – organization communication and collaboration that cuts across all pillars

To achieve all these, your company needs to have a culture with certain growth mindset and leaders should exhibit genuine care for their employees’ well-being. Also, establishing channels that provide good feedback loops is a must to ensure that there is clear communication throughout the organization.

Surely today, workforce is largely made up of digital natives, implying that companies should adopt to new technologies, allowing people to do their jobs better, anytime, anywhere.

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