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Why Organizations Should Listen to Their Employees

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Handling people in an organization requires a lot of understanding, patience and interaction. Communicating to one another is one of the key aspect to consider when building relationship with the people you handle and work on with. And when communicating, remember that it’s a two-way interaction, each should able to listen and response to each other’s opinion in a civil and proactive manner.

Usually, when there meetings/discussions/brainstorming, leaders, bosses and superiors are the ones who are always heard and followed, whether the subordinates agrees with the decision or not. And in creating a productive and healthy organization, that is not something to adopt to.

Just like when you are in a relationship, listening to your partner is important to assure that both parties are still into the same line and goal into keeping the relationship working and growing – this idea goes the same when you want to keep your team and your employees working well for the betterment your organization.

As blog.shrm.org has listed, there are 5 reasons why listening to your employees is necessary for your business:

- Employee Initiative. In recent poll, it has been identified that 38% of employees lack their initiative at work when their leaders and superiors tend to disregard their idea. So as an employer, you must keep in mind that learning to entertain and acknowledge the voice and comments of your employees are important, especially that it signifies how engaged and interested they are in helping the company grow for the better.

- Engagement and Innovation. When you listen to your employees, you can able to see how actively they are connected to their work and to the company, which signifies that with their brilliant given ideas, improvement of processes and projects can be done, and through them the company can be able to create innovation to its methods and ways.

- Staying Proactive. With right tools, employees should be given the chance to ask by themselves in order to recognize their issues which you as the head and leader can solve in the forefront. By doing this practice CEO’s, Executive leadership and HR directors can use the data real-time to determine trending ideas, conversations and feedback, which implies more proactive environment in the organization rather than being reactive.

- Retention. When you listen to your employees, you can have continuous development of retention strategies which increases the employee morale. Employee morale increases when an employee feels valued and when their concerns are being heard, so before you move forward on giving benefits to your employees, hear them out first.

- The bottom-line. The last reason why you should listen to your employees is to ensure that their best of best interest to the goals and objective of the company are engaged accordingly to the values and practices of the company. It is important that as an employer you listen to your employees so that it can be assured that you have the same objectives and end results in mind.

Giving also your employees a self-service portal where they can do their leave management and other necessary requests and records as to see their own performance is relevant in order to see how your employees will have a word about it. This will help you understand which areas in your employee improvement you should develop onto. To help you achieve that SERVIO Enterprise is offering you a solution which is the most affordable HR software for the Philippines – Smart.HR.

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