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How to Know if Your Payroll Service is Working for You

For some who do not really understand how the HR and payroll system works, running payroll is as easy as calculating the hours worked by employees and sending them their paychecks. In reality, it goes way more than these formulaic activities. Human Resource Managers are expected to manage employees’ financial records, deductions, taxes, benefits, bonuses, and wage policies. If you have outsourced a payroll system software for your business, all is good for you. Or maybe not?

Well, in most cases, having a payroll solution for your HR needs is more efficient than stressing about the important aspects of payroll on your own. But how do you know if the payroll service you got is really working for you?

In evaluating whether the payroll service you outsourced is indeed a good investment, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does it provide protection in case of errors?

Let’s face it. Sometimes technology can mess up, and this can happen to your payroll system. Mistakes in data processing or payroll submissions are not impossible even when you outsource your process. In case such errors happen, do your payroll service offer guarantees? What kind of protection does it give you as a client? Who pays the penalties? Who pays the interest? A good service provider takes responsibility for mistakes that happen in their processes, as it understands that your business activities are compromised. When it really cares about your business, it will embrace accountability for what could have been prevented on their end.

2. Does it allow you to handpick the services you need?

The best HR and payroll system gives you the option to choose the services that you need. If you do not need services such as insurance services or time-sheet management, then you have to select a provider that allows you to pay only for facilities that you want to use. There’s no use in paying for services that “come with the whole package” when you do not intend to use them anyway. From the beginning, this should be cleared between you and the payroll provider so you won’t need to allocate money for bundled services that have no good use to your business.

3. Does it have a proven and credible record as a payroll solutions provider?

There are numerous payroll services in the market today that it becomes even more difficult to shop for the best one for your business. When you’re down to a few best options, try checking about their credibility in the field. Have they got a good track record with previous clients or businesses like yours? Are their existing clients satisfied with their services? Have you heard of complaints regarding their system? Of course, you would not want to work with a service provider that does not value its credibility with clients, as it would be parallel with saying that they could not be trusted in building a lasting relationship with your business. In checking whether a payroll service works for you, you need to consider their reputation.

Once you get answers to these three questions and get favorable responses, then you can be confident that the payroll service you have is working for you. Otherwise, you need to search for other providers to outsource your HR and payroll processes.

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