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Choosing the Most Suitable HR Software for Your Business Needs

The Human Resources department is one of the vital departments within an organization. Not only it handles the recruitment and other necessary tasks such as the management and payroll.

This set of responsibilities requires much paperwork, and it can be a time-consuming and heavy workload for the HR team. It's wise for a business, whether large or small, to start optimizing the HR department for them to be digitally empowered and efficient with their tasks.

What are HR Softwares?

HR software has a lot of names in the industry:

  • Human Resources Management System (HRM)

  • Human Resources Information System( HRIS)

  • HR system

They may have different acronyms and calls, but it holds many functions for a company; it streamlines operation and automates processes within a business setting.

HR software is designed to support the HR team of business with their workload. With the current trends and digital solutions available in the market, a digitally optimized company has leverage over its competitors and maximizes its full capacity for productivity.

How can HR Software help you as a business owner?

The moment a business enterprise decides to undergo a digital transformation, HR software is one of the first steps that a company can take. Human Resources Management System helps the HR team communicate, connect, and finish manual paperwork or reports on time and efficiently.

There are two types of HR software; first is the On-premise hr software, and the second is a cloud software. The difference between the two is that the on-premise HR software is built on the company's physical computers while the cloud hr system doesn't need physical storage since it's purely digital.

According to Jessica Fender, an HR Analyst of Online Writers Rating," The first step you should take is to analyze your company's needs and define the goals of new software usage. “Google can't do that analysis for you."

Therefore business executives or small business owners should evaluate their plan and decisions on choosing suitable Human Resource software to use.

Enterprises can research the best HR software management systems that match their digital goals without breaking their budget. There's many free or cost-effective HR software management in the market that offers excellent IT solutions to the HR team.

Remember that every platform and HR software consists of different modules and features that provide different workflows and systems.

What are the features to look for when choosing an HR software?

Applicant Tracking System

Gone are the days when the HR team had to review applicant CV's one by one. With the help of an HR software, scanning, and selecting applicants during the hiring process can be easy and accessible.

Instead of the HR Manager, having to write a job post online, there are professionally made templates available to use to save time and effort. An Applicant tracking system or ATS helps automate the hiring managers' process. They can send automated job interview invitations or updates digitally through digital communication such as email.

Performance Management

Having to keep track of employee's performance rates can be daunting, especially if it's done manually. With an HR software available, this can make data collecting and tracking easier and accurate.

This helps the HR manager or team set up appraisal meetings without having to miss them. It can be a paperless process that helps to monitor tasks of the HR team effectively.

Leave Management

Keeping track of the number of leaves an employee has taken and have left, can be messy. With a tracker from an hr software, this dilemma can be solved in an instant.

Pending leaves can be requested and be approved digitally, and it's both a win-win situation for the employee and the HR employee.

Benefits Administration

When choosing an HR software it would be best to go for a built-in management system module that the HR personnel can keep employee benefits in one place such as health benefits or retirement savings benefits and more.


Scheduling is commonly done with Microsoft Excel, but this old-school office trick can slow the HR team down, with digital software to aid scheduling tasks. It can be done anytime and anywhere with this optimization.


The payroll is one of the critical tasks within the HR department. Not only does it involve money, but it also helps keep the payroll system management system accurate and on time. It acts as a tracker tool for the employee's salaries, penalties, and bonuses.

Payroll doesn't have to be delayed since, with the optimization of an hr software, it can make the process easier and faster.

Time off-requests

Just like the leave management, this can help HR personnel track sick days or vacations with an HR timesheet software that an HR software can provide.

Benefits of Choosing Most Suitable HR Software?

1. Increased in work productivity

2. Employee satisfaction

3. Digital optimized

4. Greater scalability

According to a survey conducted by the PWC of over 300 companies, " There has been a staggering 75% of employee satisfaction increase after implementing the HRM system in the Hr department." While 60% of companies are using HR software to revamp their Hr departments".

These results indicate that with the increase in work productivity, it leads to employee satisfaction. Since it makes companies digital optimized with the high technology it uses, it also has greater scalability in the future either from large corporations to small businesses.

Businesses should not rush in choosing a suitable HR software for their team. With the proper research, deciding factors, and team and advice of someone like a business technology coach the selection process can be easier and leave no room for mistakes but digital growth.