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The Growth of Accounting Management Systems: How it changes your view in business.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Manage your accounting processes seamlessly with the advantages of ERP Deskera.

We all know this.

Accounting and Finance is the core and the most important fuel that determines the business’s action plan and inaugurate decisions for every department to move forward-it is everyone’s fuel to do things, achieve things, so that your team and the company most likely will achieve the business’s success.

In today’s fast-growing and competitive businesses pacing, they cannot afford to lose behind their competitors just because a specific department is delayed, overworked, and working on all of the manual task.

That is why the rise of accounting software in the Philippines is becoming the talk for accounting communities.

Question is: Which one? Which is the best? Most Affordable?

It is intricate to choose what kind of accounting software that fits perfectly for your business. Especially if your business has a unique standard features that requires calibration of accounting system modules. And before you choose any Philippine accounting system, you might want to consider the following:

BIR Compliant and CAS-Accredited Accounting System for the Philippines.

One factor that WE ALWAYS look at is, if the business accounting software is “BIR Compliant and CAS or Computerized Accounting System Accredited” ready for government regulatory requirements. Deskera Accounting Software automatically integrates all reports from your company's monthly, quarterly, annual computations and the preparation of withholding tax returns submitted to be ready for your tax submission.

Deskera Accounting Software is developed to fit for the government compliance for local businesses in the Philippines. From here, all your ledgers and manual paperwork can be done in a span of minute and be ready for tax submission during the tax season.

What can a DESKERA Accounting System do for your business?

May it Retail and Distribution, Manufacturing, Wholesale, and other professional services, Deskera Philippine Accounting System is tailored to be fit to all business requirements. From here, you won’t have issues deriving certain task that can optimize all the financial reports done in no time.

Deskera accounting system includes:

  • · Chart of Accounts

  • · Balance Sheets

  • · General Ledger

  • · P&L Statements

  • · Asset Management

  • · Inventory Valuation

  • · Item Master

  • · Cycle Count

  • · Fixed Assets

  • · Asset Depreciation

  • · Financial Reporting Framework

  • · Tax Management

  • · Aged Payable/ Receivable reports

  • · Inventory Reports

  • · Real-Time Dashboards

  • · Debit/Credit Notes

  • · Invoice Creation

  • · POS Integration

  • · Multi-Currency

  • · Customer/Vendor Management

  • · Consignment Stock

  • · Lease Management

  • · Multi-tiered pricing

  • · Statutory Management

  • · Report Builder

  • · Multiple workflows

  • · Document Designer

  • · Custom Alerts

For more details about how the accounting software modules work in your business, you can request a demo here so that one of the account managers can set up a meeting together with a licensed CPA to demonstrate this accounting functionalities in your company.

With Deskera ERP Accounting System, you can:

- Manage multiple purchase-related information - such as: Purchase Order details, Goods receipts, Payment Notifications, Deductions, etc.

- Access to vendor and customer database - such as Contact information, Shipping address, Payment Terms.

- Capture centralized repository items - in inventory, across different stores and warehouses.

- Monitor count configuration in inventory list - send alerts to inventory managers in case of a shortfall or missing cycle count.

- Get an integrated view of all enterprise accounting through interactive chart of accounts, configure accounting settings and generate auto-numbering via account preferences module.

- Smart Financial Reporting system for comprehensive up-to-date report of P&L statements, Balance Sheets, Income and expenditure details.

- End of day checklist for maintaining detailed information related to sales, cycle counts, incoming transfers and auto shipments, processed on a business day.

- Make on-time and accurate tax submissions. Identify risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes.

Deskera Accounting System shows you all possibilities and opportunities that can be done to benefit your financial processes. Your all-in-one software packages also includes HRMS, Project Management, CRM Manufacturing resource Planning, and learning Management System.

If you are curious to know more about the accounting solution, get advice from our consultants and get yourself a free subscription to Deskera's e-Leave and e-Claim system today!