Scalable solutions, customized for the manufacturing industry

Large manpower resources, rigid rules, and regulations, stringent guidelines, complex systems – these are just some of the challenges manufacturers face.


SERVIO Solutions for Manufacturing is a complete back-office solution that enables faster and easier processing of HR and accounting transactions, taking into consideration the complexities of the manufacturing business.


SERVIO HR covers the entire process of managing your workforce from recruitment to training to payroll.


The system can be fully integrated with any manufacturing and accounting system. It includes:

Recruitment module with a comprehensive applicant database that can be filtered based on qualifications the company has set

Highly configurable time and attendance module with unlimited number of shifts

Advanced payroll solution that speeds up payroll processing (proven 1 employee per second) and can accommodate complicated payroll scenarios (shift differentials, deductions, additional benefits and loan considerations)​

Employee portal allows supervisors to manage people schedules as well as facilitate employee transactions

Ability to track employee performance and facilitate employee movement between production line, worksite, department or business unit


SERVIO Accounting is a complete  and feature-rich finance, asset management, and discreet manufacturing solution that can provide:

Enhanced asset management with detailed asset ledgers for appreciation, disposal and automated per fixed asset depreciation​

Improved cash flow management with an integrated billing, account receivable, accounts payable and inventory system, helping manage your cash flow and forecast liquidity more efficiently

Ability to transact and report in foreign currencies

Maintain multiple product version by using using product design versioning

Efficiently manage your production by using the regenerative plan calculation for MPS and MRP.

Real Time Inventory Update allows you to better manage your raw materials and supplies availability, ensuring faster and prompt replenishment

Choose from available built-in and personalized financial reports, a must for decision makers

Easier compliance to the latest tax regulations using built-in, up to date and CAS ready Bureau of Internal Revenue reports.

Routings for product design (labor part of manufacturing)

Multisource  - Demand planning (Sales, Production, Assembly Demands)

Multi-stage production orders (Planned, Firm Planned, Released)

Our HR and Accounting modules can either be purchased separately or as one complete integrated solution.


Compliant with the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law and the Data Privacy Act, Servio solutions are highly configurable and future-proof, making it easy for you to adopt future policy changes and prepare for potential disruptions.

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