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How we do, what we do:

SERVIO CRM is a team of IT and Accounts experts that studied through years of experience applied their analytics strategy into forming a system.

Applied Sales Analytics and Data Organization System

Visibility of increasing sales and sales planning strategies

Cost Analysis and Profit Returns Management

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SERVIO CRM - Marketing

  • Campaign Management and Lead Generation

  • Engagements through social traffic conversations

  • Optimize customer experience with journeys

  • utilize data

  • Measure marketing impact in real-time 

  • Feed customer support cases

SERVIO CRM - Customer Relations

  • Manage and route cases from the phone, email, live chat and social

  • Supercharge agent productivity with one console

  • Help agents solve cases quicker with a knowledge base 

  • Provide personalized service with customer history

  • Monitor real-time resolution metrics and milestone goals


  • Manage leads, accounts, and opportunities in one system 

  • Track Inbound leads and route opportunities easily to your sellers

  • View sales revenue forecasts in real-time

  • Make data work for you with reports and dashboards

  • Identify top performers easily

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